Is This Theology a Serious Threat to God’s People?

Throughout Scripture, it is evident that God loves the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, even referring to them as His children (Jer. 3:19). In fact, the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, the Psalms and Jesus Himself detail the ever-powerfully beating, loving heart of God for His chosen people: the nation of Israel. All children […]

Daily Headlines Echo Psalm 2:1 Prophecy

Israel. This tiny nation, comparable in size to the state of New Jersey, effortlessly seems to remain in the center of the world’s attention. From the days of Pharaoh, to the Holocaust, right up to today’s mind-boggling resolutions against Israel at the United Nations, anti-Semitism is sadly still prevalent in the 21st century. In 2018, […]

The Church Has a ‘Biblical Responsibility to Stand with Israel’ Says Filmmaker

Brian Sanders is a man with a powerful mission. He wants to remind Christians worldwide of what he calls their “Biblical responsibility to stand with Israel.” And he plans to do that with a film. Sanders, CEO and Executive Producer of the forthcoming documentary Why Stand With Israel, told Breaking Israel News that he was […]

Important New Documentary Encourages Believers to Boldly Stand With Israel

Israel, ‘The Apple of God’s Eye’ It’s been known for centuries as a land flowing with milk and honey. That rings true even today as the nation miraculously reassembled after more than 2,000 years as a world leader in many industries such as agriculture, medicine, science and technology. Yet, Israelis still face rejection and deep […]

United Nations Vote Shows World’s True Colors Toward Israel

Imagine yourself 13 months away from celebrating the centennial anniversary of your inception (see 1917 Belfour Declaration). Looking back at the arduous obstacles that have already been overcome, it’s disheartening that Israel is now faced with the grim reality of what may potentially be stripped from it. Last Friday’s United Nations Security Council vote against […]

Israel vs. The World: It’s a Lonely Position

From the headline of this article, you would think it was a bout for the Super Heavyweight Championship of the World, or at least a made-for-TV special the whole planet would be tuning in to see. On the contrary, it’s more like a reality for this small nation comparable in size to New Jersey. From […]