Daily Headlines Echo Psalm 2:1 Prophecy

Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

Israel. This tiny nation, comparable in size to the state of New Jersey, effortlessly seems to remain in the center of the world’s attention. From the days of Pharaoh, to the Holocaust, right up to today’s mind-boggling resolutions against Israel at the United Nations, anti-Semitism is sadly still prevalent in the 21st century. In 2018, the nation of “the promised land” continues to defend itself—simply for its right to exist.

If there was any interpretation from the headlines today, it could clearly reference message of Psalm 2:1a, “Why do the nations rage?”

No other people group has been persecuted more in history than the Jewish people. Constant plans to divide their land and delegitimize their statehood, international boycotts—and worst of all, relentless threats from their enemies “to wipe them off the map,” beg the question, “Is there any end to this pure evil?”

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