United Nations Vote Shows World’s True Colors Toward Israel

Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration left quite a parting and insulting shot to Israel. (Gary Cameron/Reuters)

Imagine yourself 13 months away from celebrating the centennial anniversary of your inception (see 1917 Belfour Declaration). Looking back at the arduous obstacles that have already been overcome, it’s disheartening that Israel is now faced with the grim reality of what may potentially be stripped from it.

Last Friday’s United Nations Security Council vote against Israel’s settlements sent a clear message to Jews around the world: Life as you know it is about to change.

The unanimous 14-0 vote that included the cold, abstinent response from President Obama sent a resonant chill down the Jewish people’s spine on the Eve of Hanukkah and on their Holy Sabbath.

The silent betrayal spoke louder than words. It was a shot clearly hit below the belt to our greatest ally in the Middle East; an inciting, wounding action left by his predecessor that President-elect Donald Trump will have to try to miraculously mend.

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