The intent of this project is to produce a time-sensitive film about the importance of standing with Israel. The purpose of this  film, “Why Stand With Israel” is to raise awareness for people who support Israel, and to encourage them to boldly declare, in our current times, to STAND and defend her according to what G-d’s
Word says.

Documentary Topics & Goals


Biblical/Spiritual/Prophetic Angle:


This documentary will be a reminder of G-d’s promises to His people, “The Israelites/Jewish people” and why believers in Yeshua and pro-Israel advocates must proactively take a stand for the Jewish state. We will also cover topics, such as praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, what G-d’s Prophetic Word says about His people and land (the apple of His eye) and Aliyah, the prophetic promise that Jewish people around the world would make their way back to live in Israel, their true Homeland.

Historical Angle:

The Birth of a Nation, Israel’s Founding Fathers, The Holocaust, The British Mandate for Palestine and The Six Day War.


Who Is For Israel?

The film will highlight nations and religions that are for Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and other anti-Israel movements. It will also cover the pronounced rise of hatred for Jews around the world, as well as the jihadist Islamist groups dedicated to Israel’s destruction.






WSWI_FruitWhat Is Israel Known For Today?

A Prosperous Israel. This documentary will highlight how G-d’s hand is still on Israel today as a leader in science and technology, agriculture and medicine. What has the Land and its people produced? These facts will serve as a reminder to Americans and other countries (allies and friends of Israel) the promises associated with blessing and standing with Israel.


Documentary GoalsWSWI_Wall_2_Prayer

1. G-d will ultimately be glorified through this project!

2. The film will help create a bold movement of believers in Yeshua and advocates of Israel to truly understand the significance of STANDing with G-d’s people and His Holy Land.

3. The documentary will help reduce the spread of anti-Semitism/BDS around the world.

4. People’s hearts will develop a more Scripture-centered love for Israel and the Jewish people, and it will help develop a worldwide Aliyah return to the Land.



Estimated Production Completion:

Late 2016


Distribution to Television Networks, theaters, film-fests, streaming networks, paid downloadable platforms and DVD: Early/Mid 2017

About the Producer

WSWI_Brian_SandersShalom! Over the last 2 decades, G-d has given Brian Sanders the privilege of filming what he calls, “Stories of Hope.” Whether domestic or international, he considers it an honor to tell what G-d is doing through His people on earth. His work experience has brought him to countries such as Israel, Haiti, Honduras, Panama, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Brazil, Germany, Belgium and Italy… not to mention extensive coverage of the U.S.

Brian’s passion to produce uplifting stories and television shows has earned him several industry awards for his work as
Executive Producer, Segment Producer and Cinematographer.

It is Brian’s team’s prayer that through this documentary, viewers will come to know the truth concerning Israel, and that they will be able to defend against the lies, myths and heresies being spread about the Jewish state.

It is also their hope that after viewing this film, individuals will:

  • Take a stand on Israel’s behalf

  • Be empowered to battle the anti-Semitism around the world by embracing the Jewish people

  • Support Jewish brands and products

  • Raise awareness in churches and communities by becoming more pro-active in blessing Israel

  • Be encouraged to visit Israel for themselves

This documentary is a simple call to action. We can no longer be silent. Each of us needs to encourage others about the vital importance of why we should STAND with Israel!