Own the award winning film to inspire the Global Church to support and stand with the land and people of Israel, who God calls "The Apple of His Eye."

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WHY STAND WITH ISRAEL will inspire you to see God’s heart for His Chosen people and Land, whom He calls, “The Apple of His Eye.” You will learn what the Bible says about Israel and the Church through such topics as:

  • What it means for Christians to be “grafted in” (Romans 11)
  • God’s Eternal Covenant with Israel and the Jewish people
  • Aliyah: The prophetic fulfillment of the diaspora Jews returning back to Israel – their true Homeland
  • What the Apostle Paul meant by going to the Jew first in Romans 1:16
  • God’s promise to those who bless and curse Israel according to Genesis 12:3
  • Expose the geo-political lies that Israel is an Apartheid State and Occupier with Biblical and Historical facts
  • The One New Man: God’s Full Redemption Plan of Jew and Gentile becoming one in Yeshua (Jesus)! (Eph 2: 11-22)
  • Why Israel is mentioned more than any other nation in the Bible
  • Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem


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Coming Mid-JuLY 2024 on DVD!